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G’day from Chinderah

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Our story

The Cubby story all started with the opening of Paddock bakery in 2013- which was founded by a local Gold Coast duo, who after years of struggling to find decent sourdough or croissant on the GC saw a pretty big gap in the market. Their passion for a simple-food-done-well ethos coupled with an appreciation for freshly baked bread was the drive behind creating these now cult followed bakeries across the GC and Northern NSW.


Fast forward a few years and the team is now pumping out mind-blowing pastries at BamBam Bakehouse, Nobby Beach and the bloody best baguettes this side of Paris at Cubby Bakehouse located in Chinderah, NSW. All baked in fresh batches all day long using only the best French flour. Which means that you get to eat the flakiest, crunchiest and drool-worthy pastries every single visit. In 2016 the duo travelled to Paris, France to learn the nitty gritty of French baking from a master baker. They bake in French equipment, in small batches, which means you will only get soft and crunchy baguettes fresh out of the oven on the daily. And just like in France- no baguette sits on the shelf longer that two hours. 


 That’s the secret behind the success of these bakehouses, you don’t have to fork out the money to fly all the way to France to experience traditional French style bakery goodness, this is where the goods are at! And because life is too short to drink shitty coffee, they also serve barista made Marvell Street coffee at every location. Lets face it- good food plus coffee is life!

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